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How the Pros Eat: Gabriele Grunewald


Gabriele Grunewald, 27, is a top American middle-distance runner and the reigning U.S. indoor 3000m champion. Her many other accomplishments include a fourth-place finish in the 2012 U.S. Olympic trials 1500m and a third-place finish at the USA 1 Mile Road Championships. A native of Minnesota and a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Gabe now represents Team USA Minnesota and Brooks. She is a two-time cancer survivor. Follow her on Twitter at @gg_runs.

What is your racing weight?


What are your personal dietary “rules”?

I don’t necessarily have “rules” — but I try to make a fruit or vegetable a part of every meal. I also try to eat whole grain options instead of refined whenever possible, and I try to cut out fried foods almost completely when I’m in the peak of my season.

What’s a typical breakfast for you?

Usually I’ll have some form of a hot cereal or oatmeal topped with berries and nuts. And a cup of coffee (or two, or espresso).

A typical lunch?

Turkey or tuna sandwich on whole wheat, accompanied by a cup of vegetable soup or a salad. Some combination of those, or sometimes I’ll eat leftovers from last night’s dinner. As a snack at some point throughout the day, I’ll have a yogurt, banana or a Generation UCAN shake.

A typical dinner?

Grilled barbecue chicken is a favorite — with something like sweet potatoes and black beans. Tonight I’m baking salmon and having brown rice and green beans. Spinach/kale side salads usually make an appearance at dinner too.

What’s the biggest change you’ve made to your diet since college?

I’m just a lot more consistent with my diet throughout the day. In college I was always on the go, sometimes not eating enough before or right after practice. I would have a huge dinner to compensate for not eating throughout the day. Now, I’m always able to fuel properly. Having a Generation UCAN before workouts and their protein version post-workout has taken the guesswork out of what I should be fueling with before a workout. Also, I have more time to cook so I can experiment more with new foods and have more variety in my diet. I’m also a bit more conscientious of my diet during the peak of my season when I’m tapering my training.

Bacon, potato chips, or ice cream?

Chips! Kettle chips or tortilla chips for me.