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How The Pros Eat: Gwen Jorgensen

Two thousand fourteen has been a dream year for American triathlete Gwen Jorgensen. The 28-year-old Wisconsin native started her season with a victory at a World Cup event in Molooba, Australia, and has since won four World Triathlon Series races. She didn’t do too badly in previous years, either, winning four races in 2013 and representing the U.S. in the Olympics in 2012. Like most world-class endurance athletes, Gwen is careful but not fanatical about her diet.

What is your racing weight?

About 56 kg (123 pounds)

What are your personal dietary “rules”?

Before a race, I try to control my gluten intake. I usually travel with a rice cooker so I can make meals in a hotel and know what I will be eating. I once had food poisoning before a race, so I am now extra cautious prerace.

What’s a typical breakfast for you?

This is one meal that does not vary much! I usually have oatmeal with fruits (banana, raisins or goji berries, strawberries, etc.), nuts, coconut oil, yogurt, peanut butter, and two poached eggs. I usually have this six days of the week. Once a week we normally have something special. While in Vitoria, Spain (where I am now) we have morcilla (a Spanish sausage), scrambled eggs, and fried potatoes.

A typical lunch?

Lunch usually consists of a rice dish with red meat and veggies (curry, Mexican, or something more simple like rice, veggies, cheese and lemon).

A typical dinner?

Dinner usually has sweet potato, meat, veggies, and cheese. We often make a big salad with veggies, chicken, sweet potato, feta and avocado.  

What’s the biggest change you’ve made to your diet since college?

I no longer buy foods based on price. In college I would often buy the inexpensive items. I now make sure I’m buying high-quality food, and don’t mind spending money on good, quality fruits and vegetables.  

Bacon, potato chips, or ice cream?

Did someone say ice cream? Where?